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 Platinum GSC weed strain Online  a cannabis strain not the actual cookies is one of the most popular hybrid strains in existence. The strain is the result of a cross between the OG Kush also one of the most popular strains in existence the Durban poison hybrid.

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The strain does lean more towards sativa and given its high THC levels at about 23%; it is no wonder why this strain provides such a strong and euphoria-induced high. Platinum Cookies has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards over the years, and given its remarkable potency. a little goes a long way with this super-strong bud. This winning hybrid of the Cup, a cross between OG Kush. Durban Poison and a third unknown strain, fills your nose and lungs with sweet notes of berries and sweets, followed by a fruity flavor. Patients with severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraine, and stress should no longer seek relief as the physical and mood-related symptoms disappear immediately.  fragrance layers in notes of berries and sweetness, with a full-bodied flavor that emerges in the smoke.

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The average THC level is 20-24%, with a heavy Sativa-side lean that demonstrates potent psychoactivity. The mood elevating euphoria is powerful and sustaining, taking you to a higher, happier, and usually a very creative place. The body buzz is very mild, a nice relaxing come down from your previous headspace. This is a very good strain for alleviating symptoms of stress, depression, pain, and fatigue.

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