Mycelium Pes Amazonian Mushroom Growkit 1200cc With the Amazonian mushroom growkit. you can now easily get the mushrooms from the Amazon into your home. Growing mushrooms is very easy with this growkit. The psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are in many different species.  Mycelium Pes Amazonian Mushroom Growkit 1200cc.

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Amazonian mushroom give an intense trip.  At that moment you’re going to experience that feeling of being deliciously high. They often give you visual effects and a dreamy feeling in a relaxed atmosphere. The amount of Amazonian mushrooms you consume determine how strong your trip will be. As true for all mushrooms, you can eat the Amazonian mushrooms freshly after growing. If you don’t want to eat them you can pull tea or mix it in a dish. If it’s the first time you use the Amazonian mushrooms do not take too much. Always choose to use a scale. This way you are sure that you always work with the right amount. Overview below can help you choose the right dosage:

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After 12 hours, pour the excess water from the grow box

  1. Remove the lid from the grow kit. Rinse the lid and put it back in the cardboard box.
  2. Pour 150 ml. tap water into the grow bag and place the grow tray /grow kit in the grow bag. The open side of the bag should face up.
  3. Fold the open side of the grow bag twice; do not cover the micron filter. Place the paperclip over the fold and make sure that it stays closed.
  4. Now the Psilocybe cubensis Treasure Coast magic mushroom grow kit is ready to grow mushrooms
  5. Place the grow kit in a place out of the direct sunlight. Do not place the GrowKit under a lamp and not on or near a stove or heat source. The ideal temperature is between 20 and 25 º C.
  6. “After the pre-pins have started to grow” Moisten the kit daily with a spray bottle (maximum 1-2 pumps). In this phase the mushrooms need fresh H20 and O2 and the CO2 must escape.
  7. The first mushrooms will be visible in two weeks. Be patient, it may take longer for the first mushrooms to grow.








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Mycelium Pes Amazonian Mushroom Growkit 1200cc
Mycelium Pes Amazonian Mushroom Growkit 1200cc

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