Moby Dick Mushroom Growkit 1200cc Online  Dick is the latest variation in the Psilocybe cubensis world. This strange magical mushroom with a considerable lack of pigment was acquired after crossing two strains of cubenses &mdash Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. The Moby Dick is very popular because of its strong effects and easy growth. Psilocybe cubensis  Dick is the result of a genetic mix of two unusual  strains. Albino A+ and Golden Teacher. It is a strange.

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The Fresh Mushrooms team are true specialists in developing psilocybe grow kits. After 25 years of innovation and further development, they have finally succeeded in launching a 100% mycelium XP grow kit on the market. The XP stands for Xtra Potency, which means that the psilocybe mushrooms of the Fresh Mushroom grow kit contain more psilocybin (active ingredient) than the other brand grow kits. Fresh Mushroom itself indicates that the amount of psilocybin per mushroom can sometimes be 2 times higher than with the regular psilocybe grow kits.  We also recommend using gloves and a mouth mask with the Fresh Mushrooms grow kits. An infection is easy, be careful and use the correct.

The Fresh Mushrooms psilocybe mushroom grow kits are by far the easiest grow kits to set up. A clean workplace is an advantage for setting up the grow kit. With the één this is filling the grow kit with water and letting it soak for 12 hours or first poking holes in the substrate after soaking. These processes are not necessary for the first harvest with the Fresh Mushrooms grow kits due to the unique and extensive development of 25 years of research into the best substrate. This mycelium is extremely potent and will produce the most beautiful fruits in no time.


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Moby Dick Mushroom Growkit 1200cc Online
Moby Dick Mushroom Growkit 1200cc

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