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 Blue Dream Kush weed strain  Crossing the Blueberry and Haze strains creates the deliciously aromatic sativa-dominant hybrid known as Blue Dream (aka Azure Haze). Like many strains, its origins are somewhat unclear, but it was DJ Short (a legendary breeder) who made it the variation that consumers know and love today.


Blue Dream is the best of both of its parents producing a nicely balanced and long-lasting high. Because it’s a sativa-leaning hybrid, users report a rush of creativity and motivation, which makes it a go-to option if you have lots to do! As the high settles in, the motivation subsides a bit and you’ll feel a sense of calm and ease wash over you leaving you subdued and pain-free.

This strain combines the strengths of both its parents, resulting in an energetic and creative, yet calming high. As you first ingest Blue Dream, you’ll begin to feel a burst of mental energy rushing over you. Along with it comes increased motivation and an ability to easily direct one’s focus. This portion of the Blue Dream experience lends itself well to most activities, but especially those that are creative in nature. As the high begins to wind down, you’ll begin to feel the effects of this strain’s indica side. Falling into a deep state of relaxation, Blue Dream will have you feeling calm, hazy, and comfortably numb. With THC percentages ranging from 18 to 24%, it’s no wonder why so many users continue to adore this strain!

Gorilla Glue was the highest-selling strain in Colorado dispensaries in September, while Gorilla Glue #4 was fourth.
Blue Dream “is back on top. It’s a fighter! But we have seen a decline for sure for [Blue Dream’s] fortunes,” writes BDS spokesman Doug Brown in an email to Westword. “It ruled the roost forever, but not all sorts of strains fight with it for sales dominance.” Other strains that have consistently stayed in the top ten since 2016 are ChemdawgFloGolden GoatGreen CrackLemon Skunk and Sour Diesel.



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Blue Dream Kush weed strain
Blue Dream Kush weed strain
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