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How to consume weed/cannabis?

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Find out the different ways to consume it:

  1. Vaporization: the cannabis oil can be vaporized and also the vapors are inhaled as a result of vaporizing machines, including vape pens, or dab rigs.
  2. Inhalation: Inhaling the smoke of flowers, weed, or cannabis extracts allows cannabinoids to pass into the bloodstream via the pulmonary alveoli. The effects are quick and easy to control.
  3. Seal: the essence is to smoke weed.
  4. Blunt: blunts are similar to joints in shape, but they don’t feature a classic foil. Instead, smokers use special leaves or classic cigar wraps.
  5. Bubber: These portable, one-piece devices are actually pipes with an additional water chamber. The bubblers deliver sweet hits of chilled smoke on the go.

You can check this article to know more about how to consume weed?

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