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OG Kush weed strain  to step into this minefield because OG Kush’s origin story is one of the most disputed in all of cannabis. However good sources place its origins in Florida in the early 1990s then moving to California in 1996 where it quickly end up in the hands of the “Soul Assassins” crew, associates of note stoner rap group Cypress Hill.

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No matter which OG you end up with it almost always gives a strong package of extremely social and happy effects making it perfect for relaxing with friends. Some varieties are more hard-hitting and relaxing than others so be sure to ask for more information about the specific “cut” you’re smoking.

Nearly everyone has heard of the marijuana strain OG Kush. Its popularity has skyrocket between celebrities musicians and medical marijuana patients alike; known specifically for its highly

As mentione previously OG Kush is a world-wide staple of the industry and has been recognize as an American classic. The OG strain originate in Los Angeles when Matt “Bubba” Berger brought it from Florida to legendary cultivator Josh D who was known for creating famous strains like GSC and Headband. Having a 25% sativa/75% indica ratio this hybrid sure pulls its weight. Expect an intense high that will leave you both couch-lock and euphoric. For most users OG Kush produces consistent effects: heady cerebral sensations combine with deep body highs.

All of this ties together nicely with a feeling of peace and relaxation: making it perfect to use before bedtime or times where you won’t need to be too productive. One toke can do it and many users claim they get a case of dry eyes or evil cottonmouth following only one session with OG Kush. To avoid these side effects keep water nearby as well as some Visine.


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