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Headband is a mongrel, meaning you’ll witness both a body buzz and some cerebral activation. The most common kids are slightly indica- dominant, meaning that you can anticipate further sedation and physical relaxation than internal clarity and raciness.

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As compactly mentione the hand experience from a Headband strain is an pleasurable pressure around the head. That makes this strain a great choice for headache relief or redundant muscle pressure in the neck.

The head-high you ’ll experience is ecstatic and upbeat. This strain may not be the stylish wake ‘ n singe cub, but it does promote a happy and easygoing mood. Stresses accrue throughout the day will soon be forgotten and replace by an easygoing, mellow buzz. An hour into the Headband experience, you may find yourself wedge to the settee.
For both recreational and medical consumers, this strain is recommend for late autumn or evening use.

While its name might conjure up images of stone hippies lounging around in their fame headdresses, the Headband strain is actually name for the cerebral sensation it produces.

In low doses, users might not feel it, but with higher doses, Headband creates a pressure-like feeling across the forehead and temples that literally feels like wearing a headband. The strain produces a notoriously foggy head high.

Given that one of its parent strains is a strong sativa-leaning hybrid and the other parent leans indica, Headband blends their cerebral and physical effects quite nicely. Expect euphoria, mental calm, creativity, spaciness and a whole-body, weighty sensation after smoking this strain.

Since Headband’s effects are powerful in both the cerebral and physical departments, many medical users turn to this bud for alleviating chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


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