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AM 2201 Powder Online  several methods describing the detection of SC in human hair have been presented. All studies have included only the parent drugs in the list of targeted analyses. but this does not exclude the possibility of external contamination.AM 2201 Powder Online.

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The first study to investigate the presence of metabolites in hair was presented by Kim et al.  The highest concentrations of JWH-018 N-5-OH M was 85 pg/mg; in this case, the JWH-018 concentration was 151 pg/mg. Noteworthy. JWH-018 N-5-OH is also the product of metabolism of AM-2201.

Very recently, the same group published a new study in which they expended their previous method to AM-2201 JWH-122, MAM-2201, and their monounsaturated metabolites in hair [65]. In real samples. JWH-018,.JWH-018 N-5-OH M JWH-018 N-COOH M. JWH-073. JWH-073 N-COOH MAM-2201. AM-2201 N-4-OH M. AM-2201 N-6-OH indole M JWH-122. JWH-122 N-5-OH M  and MAM-2201 were simultaneously or individually detected. Indeed. this allows to exclude the possibility of a passive contamination and provide information on the ingested parent SC.

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 Unexpectedly, subjects without direct contact to drug material also showed measurable hair concentrations. In one  One possible explanation from the authors for these results is the direct transfer through contaminated fingers; for example, from a head massage or by sleeping on pillows accidentally contaminated by the hands of the partner

Recently. the first results from a comprehensive screening of metabolites on a large group of subjects were presented [74]. Initially. 15 samples which were previously found positive to SC were reprocessed [10]. In . Remarkably. JWH-122 metabolite can be also produced by the metabolism of MAM-2201 [75]. The remaining three cases  were positive to different compounds at relatively high concentrations (above 50 pg/mg) but negative for metabolites.


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